What is this?

avax.sh is a simple service to help you access yourname.avax.sh on the web.

Set up my avax.sh profile

The simplest way to use avax.sh is to set up a profile page like avvy.avax.sh.

Watch the video below to learn how to configure your .avax.sh profile page.

Access a website hosted on IPFS

If you have a content hosted on IPFS, you can set a CONTENT record on your domain. When you visit yourname.avax.sh, the IPFS content will be loaded in an iframe.

To enable this, set the CONTENT record to ipfs://<CID>

Note that this will override the .avax.sh profile page feature.

Set DNS records

If you set DNS records on yourname.avax, they will propagate to yourname.avax.sh. At the moment CNAME & A records are supported.

Note that any DNS A or CNAME records will override .avax.sh profile pages & any IPFS CONTENT records.